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Mother in Law Influence

Ok forgive me if this is a re-run for you but I tried to post something similar to this yesterday and got this totally obnoxious ERROR and large X on my screen. Assuming it did not post I will repeat what I had said but if somewhere in the cosmos of computer land it did post just ignore and read something else. I talked about President elect Barack Obama's family moving into the White House and with them coming his mother in law. At first I was taken back by this but the more I think about it the more I like the idea ...and for that matter would like to take it a step further..what if all the politicians had to take either their mothers or mother in laws to Capitol Hill. Honestly I think that much more would be accomplished and people would be a lot nicer about it . I mean don't you act better around your mother or mother in law than when your not? I do not have a mother in law but I do know that usually I am a better person when my mom is around..... and don't you think all these big whig men in Washington could use to be put in their place and kept there for a while..I certainly do.... If my father who is 3 times the size of my grandmother can still take orders from his mom...I definitely think those boys can too.


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