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Sarah Scares??

The election is over and Barack Obama is the president elect. So why are people still screaming and seemingly scared about Sarah Palin. John McCain and Sarah Palin lost so SHUTUP about her. Let's review why the opposition is still worried about Sarah Palin.

Has anyone noticed ever since Governor Sarah Palin was on the campaign trail liberals were more worried about Palin than McCain. Could it be they know she is effective? Her positions are of a true conservative? Is it becasue she is a woman and a conservative Republican? There are countless reasons they are afraid because deep down (although most Democrats would never admit it) because she is the real deal. They know she is a conservative and could be effective if elected in another office. They know her record as governor of Alaska. I would not, necessarily, continue talking about Palin but since everyone else is I want to give my aspect of Palin. Democrats want to make sure she does not have a chance to run for another office, especially President or Vice President again.

Many Democrats like to say that Republicans think they're the only party with morals and that they think they're only party with Christians but yet Republicans might could say that Democrats seem to think they have the monopoly on minorities and women. Everytime an African American, woman, Asian, or any other type of minority Democrats are infuriated. Why is that? They most think only their party can have women and minorities; because the Democrats are "the party of the people".

If people think Govenor Sarah Palin and President-elect Barack Obama are very similar in many of their personal lives. But they both have been somewhat of underdogs, claim to be uniters, young and attractive people, both said to have lack of experience, visionaries, and more similar attributes. The main thing that seperates them, of course, is their poltical views. So why isn't Palin treated as a Messiah or another great coming? Because the media is still ripping her to shreads. Many people are buying into because the media is powerful. I've learned through my endeavours in public relations, journalism, and politics is that perception is reality. People's perception may not really be reality but perception might as well be because that is what perceived to reality.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden won the election...for four years. Of course, we conservatives will go at again in the next presidential election. So for the time being congratulations to everyone that voted for Obama but in four be afriad of Palin and other strong conservatives that will be running for president as they will have a viable shot to win the presidency.


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