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CHANGE! That's all everyone heard from the Obama campaign. And it looks like President-elect Obama is keeping his word when it comes to change. The funny thing is he is changing many of positions (as of now) to a more conservative view. Obama was going to stop the Bush tax cuts, leave the war in Iraq immediately, use diplomacy in most all situations on the war on terror policies, but yet Obama has seemed to change his positions on these issues and several others the more he receives more information pertaining to the topics and looking more like Bush or a more conservative view. I suppose he might see he can't do all these "wonderful" things he proposed. I do have HOPE that Obama won't govern as he campaigned but will govern in a more sensible and conservative way.

For conservatives like me IF he does govern like President Bill Clinton we can make it through the next four years. Don't get me wrong, I as I'm sure many other conservatives, don't love President Clinton but he is much more of a centrist and reasonable than the ideas Obama campaigned on.

So conservatives there is HOPE for CHANGE. Good change! We can try our best to show President-elect Obama our view and positions and truly pray that current problems in our nation will resolve and improve over the next four years for the sake of our great nation.


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