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Palin's Future

I have been trying to understand the media's continued fascination with Governor Palin. I understand how certain stories about her are newsworthy...such as the McCain campaign aides who blamed the McCain defeat on her. To some extent, stories like this and others are newsworthy and people are interested in them. But even now, I can go onto or and find several stories about her that have no news value. One on Fox News has a headline that states "Can Sarah Kept the Spotlight?" I'm sorry, but I don't see the point in this story. Leave this to the bloggers please.

If Palin decides to become a Senator, then I could justify some major national attention. If she leaves politics behind, then tell me about it. However, I do not care about whether or not she still wants to be a "hockey mom."

Example of what I am writing about are everywhere. For example, there are some fairly reputable online and broadcast sources that are saying she wants to run for President. I mean really...does anyone really think this woman will be running for President anytime soon? I'm sorry but I do not.. Her interviews with Katie Couric showed how unprepared she was for this type of public office.

Maybe I'm just complaining...but I believe there are many more stories of national importance that should be getting this air-time. Obama is making his transition, the markets are still falling, and the 3 big automakers are on the verge of bankruptcy. Please, keep us informed about these stories, not Palin's hairstyle.


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