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love thy country

In a recent New York Times article, Nancy Gibbs recaps the positive highlights of the election day earlier this week. She points out that Americans celebrated this day as they have never celebrated an election before: dancing the in the streets, screaming, crying. American celebrated like a new country celebrates the election of their first ever President, and in a way, this election was a bit like that. For may American all across the nation, this was their very first time to vote; so, this truly was their very first President. For African Americans, this was the very first President of their race, which reflects on all the past struggles of this race in the United States and truly shows that hard work and determination will reward those who possess these characteristics. So while it is obvious there were many firsts in this election and therefore many reasons to celebrate, I think the biggest cause for celebration is our country itself. This election truly showed that Americans love their country; this love was not something that burned bright during the Revolution or past World Wards, but it is a love that burns just as bright today if not more. People were waiting hours upon hours in lines to vote the man they trusted with their beloved country. It's as simple as that; this election was such a big deal because the country that we love is hurting economically and suffering from tensions with dangerous countries, and there are only certain people we trust with this country we love. I think Americans needed this election; we needed it to renew our pride in our country and awareness of her sufferings so that we can fortify America into the country she has been in the past and has the potential to be in the future.


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