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Crowd Reaction

Tuesday night was not only a remarkable night, but a historical night for the United States of America. As the day was coming to a close the outcome of the 2008 election became all the more obvious. With emotions running height I think the thought on everyone's minds is what which will the two candidates say in their speeches. While the Obama crew was loud and proud in Chicago, the McCain followers remained positive but no hopeful. The outcome was clear, Senator Obama in a few short hours would become President-Elect Obama. When McCain stepped on the stage in his home state of Arizona the crowd appeared to be uplifted. They weren't just putting on a happy face. His followers were proud of their fight till the end and the commitment of Senator McCain. On the other hand the welcome for Senator Obama was much different. After all the hype and craziest that surrounded his campaign I expected people to go wild when he walked on to the stage. Actually just the opposite happened. It was like a state of shock. I don't think anyone could believe after all the hard work he was actually going to be "The President." It was like a hush went over the crowd. Soon after the amazement passed the place went crazy. It was a moment I will always remember no matter who I voted for or what party I support.


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