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Little Places, Big Results

I love my life. I like the way, in this country, everyone has a voice that wants to use it. I realize, of course, that many voices are louder than Mississippi's when it come to elections, but I feel good using my voice just the same. I like the way that little places like all over the country, along with the more populous places, have a say in the way they want this country led.

I cast my vote in this little one-room building. It was my first presidential election to be able to vote in, and it felt great to walk in that tiny place, see my parents casting their votes during their lunch breaks, and go after my dad and send in my own voice. America is a great place. A lot of people passed through this building early in November and cast their votes for different individuals under different categories that they wanted to have a chance to make a difference in this nation. We all had a say. Now that we have the result, let's get our country together.


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