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the golden rule

While the election was drawing near, I noticed many of my friends who were formally uninterested in the outcome of the election became very passionate as the tensions heightened. Conversations that had normally not been submerged by politics became little "presidential debates" of their own. I was excited to see everyone getting so involved and having so many various opinions about this topic which had grown to become very important to me. This excitement increased on the day everyone was allowed to finally give actions to their words and place their vote in the election. I couldn't wait to see who would come out of this race victorious and what the responses would be to the outcome. What I could have waited for was the reality that sunk in once the President was announced. I could never have imagined the ugliness that was revealed hidden inside so many of my friends and just my fellow Americans in general. And most of this ugliness was displayed on FaceBook, and still is , for the whole world to see . It's almost as if these people are proud that they are capable of verbally degrading another human being with such great ability and intention. I was, and still am, appalled by the statuses on people's facebook pages. It hasn't even been a week since Obama was elected President, and there are hundreds of people on facebook who are claiming they are now broke, the country is now runied, and they are now moving to Australia; all because a candidate of their liking, coincidentally the first African American candidate, was elected President of the United States. Even if he wasn't your first choice for President, he still deserves your respect; I mean he made it all the way through the campaign and the election and came out victoriously. He deserves the same respect as any other man in this country that would be elected President. I think these Americans who are showing such horrible character truly need to look around and realize how they are immaturely acting and encouraging others to follow their example. This behavior is getting us nowhere. At a time when our country is undergoing such economic instability and tensions in the Middle East, we should be banding together and unifying our country rather than ripping each other apart through our words.


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