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In my last post I covered two Bush administration tactics that President-Elect Obama, whose motto is Change, might alter once he takes office. This post is to discuss one he may not drastically alter. It is also one of the most controversial tactics the Bush administration has put into effect. I'm referring to eavesdropping on Americans. Obama said during his campaign that he will end the warrantless wiretapping currently in place. It is being questioned now if he will end the program outright or not. After his decision is made, he will face the question of whether or not to try to prosecute any who have been involved in the wiretapping. I don't know that it's likely he will do much prosecution because there will be bigger issues he will be focusing on, which might also lead to his not changing the wiretapping. He will need support and votes to carry out his projects for energy, etc. So, I guess we'll all just wait and see if he might trade some eavesdropping for a greater good for America. Compromise is the way of settling things after all.


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