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And winner is...

November 4, 2008 commemorates the day that the first African-American male, Sen. Barack Obama was selected as the 44th President-Elect. This election was even more remarkable being that it was the 45 years ago that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made the infamous, "I Have a Dream" speech. America proved that this election was not based on the chance of one's skin, nor the demographics thereof. This election protrayed maturity at its most preeminent levels. As soon as Sen. John McCain made his congratulatory speech to Obama, there seemed to be a sigh of relief for the most part around the nation. Electorates and citizens alike voted in hopes for Obama's platform, not naive to the fact that change would take some time. America has grown beyond measure, and progression is far from tranquilty. Hopefully, the next presidential election will be just as intriguing.


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